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K4Sint: founded in 2007 and managed by two Ph.D. materials engineers specialized in powder metallurgy, can provide a strong and reliable knowledge in metallurgy: either from physical metallurgy or industrial production of metal parts, K4Sint can help you to solve out your problems.

K4Sint filed in five patents to protect its intellectual properties and published many data. K4Sint can make samples and small production lots of advanced parts as the ones here presented.


K4sint has developed decades of knowledge and experience by deepening industrial technologies related to powder metallurgy, also providing some innovative industrial technological developments.

The technologies studied and developed at industrial level regart the fields:

Press and Sintering traditional and the innovative Die Wall Lubrication

Metal Injection molding traditional and innovative (patented)

Spark Plasma Sintering (Titanium, Alluminum, MMC, Advanced Ceramic). Patents developed

Additive manufacturing (R&D suport)


European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

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  • K4Sint S.r.l.

    Viale Dante, 300

    38057 Pergine Valsugana (TN) - ITALY

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